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More than a method, Voice in Movement is a vocal philosophy focused on listening to the voice of each person.

Through the Panthéâtre/Roy Hart philosophy, I invite you to liberate, explore and develop the infinite possibilities that the human voice offers us.

This vocal technique specializes in the expressive conjunctio voice/movement, in the liberation of sound, the extension of vocal registers and the search for the geography of your voice and your vocal personality. In a relaxed atmosphere, which escapes from the traditional singing class, we will go towards an encounter with ourselves and with all the richness of our voice.


Offer of training courses and voice lessons

Voice lessons for
actors and stage artists

Develop your vocal potential and make your voice a real stage prop. Train yourself!
Improve your technique, free your voice and your creativity on and off stage.

Voice and
public speaking lessons

Develop your voice to improve your communication and public speaking skills.

Singing lessons
and vocal exploration

Free your voice by exploring your sound register, express yourself and connect with your body.

Individual lessons
and vocal coach

Individual voice lessons for everyone and specific vocal coaching.

Vocal artistic

Vocal accompaniment for theatre companies and performing arts professionals.


Daniela García

Actress, playwright and voice teacher.

Daniela García

Founder of Voice in Movement.

Actress trained at the Universidad de Chile and Master in Theatre Studies at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris. International multi-project artist specialised in the vocal area at both a practical and theoretical level.

Teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Certified in Roy Hart vocal technique. Voice teacher at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, at the Pantheatre company in France and at L’école du Jeu-Delphine Eliet (Paris).

As an actress she currently collaborates with Hand Made Theatre and Teatro Apátrida in Barcelona; and with Kaimera productions in Paris.

Upcoming courses

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“The voice for me is a need that goes beyond words and singing.

It is to return to the raw material of sound, to a subterranean and atavistic space that is very little addressed in art, but which could be a source of expansion of the possibilities of the human voice on and off stage, in particular of the sung voice and the spoken voice.

Because sound precedes, exceeds and contains the words and the singing.”

Daniela García

What they say about me

Artistic creation

For me, pedagogy and creation form an inseparable fabric, just as reality and fiction are intertwined in each of my specialities as a performing artist.


I am a restless and creative actress. I sing, I dance and I am passionate about language and strange sounds. My place is fiction and from there I try to create and communicate.


My word as an artist is frank and simple. I like stories and the synthetic language of theatre. The last few years I have dedicated myself to writing from autofiction.


Being off stage gives me a perspective in which I feel very comfortable. For me it's teamwork where everyone contributes so that the play ``comes out on its own``.


Through my theatre studies I have specialised in vocal exploration in actor training and developing the notion of ``Outre-voix``.

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