Routes: Three migrant stories

About Routes

Three migrant stories

Written and made by migrants

Three journeys of immigration, work, hope and resilience.

Filmed theatre, in the framework of the European SIRIUS Project, with SOLIDAR and Hand Made Theatre Barcelona.

Which are the challenges faced by migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as they look for a job in UE? Questions we try to transform in a new creation for the SIRIUS project, a multi-dimensional research about integration via the labour market of migrants’, refugees’ and asylum seekers’

Thanks to SOLIDAR, a European and worldwide network of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. We have the opportunity to create 3 stories to help to think through the sensibility of theatre and cinema how is this path, enablers as barriers to keep searching for a job in the EU.

Routes – Part 1: ‘Sono un bravo ragazzo un po’ fuori di testa‘ | SIRIUS Project

Routes – Part 2: ‘Kneading dough‘ | SIRIUS Project

Routes – Part 3: ‘Home‘ | SIRIUS Project


Routes: Three migrant stories
Filmed theatre play

Written by

Daniela García Castro
(In collaboration with the Sirius research team)

Directed by

Mariana Yañez Rojo

Art direction

Consuelo Barrera Jofré

Produced by

Hand Made Theatre


Ahmed, Momen Nabil, Estefany Diana Fajardo, Regina Dior Gueye


Zoe Catsaras


Angel Faraldo

Coordination team

Simone Baglioni, University of Parma
Martina Lo Cascio, University of Parma
Carlos Roldán Mejías, SOLIDAR
Julie Martinaud, SOLIDAR

Scientific board

Simone Baglioni, University of Parma
Martina Lo Cascio, University of Parma
Olga Gheorghiev, Charles University, Prague
Quivine Ndomo, University of Jyväskylä
Ilona Bontenbal, University of Jyväskylä
Mattia Collini, University of Florence
Francesca Calo, Glasgow Caledonian University